Okayama Craft Gin 200ml 50% ABV


Voted best Japanese Gin in Australian Spirit Award. 50%

A great way to dip your foot into the new wave of Japanese gin with this small bottle. Okayama craft gin is Japan's only barrel aged gin (giving it a slight divine smokey fragrance) and uses botanicals unique to the Okayama region of Japan, namely it's famous 'Momo' white peach. Also uses coriander. Made from a shochu rice base. These factors make it softer and sweeter than others.

This gin expression is lively and dare we say a bit fruity. It has no need of tonic and shines through with plain ice and water however it is more than up to the challenge of mixing it with premium mixers. 

It is widely regarded as one of the best gins in Japan and whilst not 'navy strength'  it is certainly higher in alcohol content than most. 


The Specs
Distillery: Miyashita
Brand: Miyashita
Standard Drinks: 7.9
Classification: Gin
Item Code: MIY-02
%ALC/VOL: 50%
Net Volume: 200ml

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