Senkin Organic Nature 720ml



Made using the Kimoto method, in natural wooden vats as well as naturally occuring yeast and lactic acid bacteria. Richly aromatic, velvety with a great mouthfeel. Juicy fruits are complexly interwoven with mouth watering acidity, with a gentle Kimoto flavor of light spice and savoriness. The aroma is rich and fruity like muscat and grapefruits. The taste is complex with gentle sweetness and umami.

While made in an ultra old-fashioned way, the taste is surprisingly modern and sharp. Made with organic Kameno-o rice, Rich and fruity aromas of grapefruit, muscat, vanilla and banana. A hint of effervescence. Complex and gentle sweetness, with an apricot-like tartness at the end that may remind you that this is, afterall, a kimoto-method sake. Goes great with well-seasoned meat dishes. Sauteed fois gras, butter-sauteed escargot, stews. Enjoy chilled in a wine glass or ochoko cup.

The Specs

Description: Sake
Capacity: 720ml
Item Code: SEN-20
Alcohol Percentage: 14.0% (Gen-shu) (8 std drinks)
Ingredients: Rice, rice-koji, water
Rice: Domaine Sakura-Kamenoo
Rice milling: Rice milled to 90%
Style: Brewery yeast, wild yeast, Kioke-jikomi, Kimoto
Item code: SEN-20
Place of Production: Tochigi, Japan

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