Senkin Organic Nature W 2022 720ml



Made using the Kimoto method, in natural wooden vats as well as naturally occuring yeast and lactic acid bacteria, using organic Kameno-o rice.

Kijoshu is a type of Japanese sake that is known for its rich, sweet flavor and unique production method. Unlike most sake, which is made by adding water to the fermented rice mash, kijoshu is made by adding sake to the mash instead in the final stage. This creates a sake that is much sweeter and more full-bodied than other types of sake.

To make kijoshu, brewers start by creating a standard batch of sake using rice, water, and koji (a type of mold that helps to break down the rice starches). Once the fermentation process is complete and the sake has been pressed, a portion of the sake is reserved and set aside.

Next, a new batch of rice and koji is prepared and allowed to ferment, just like in the standard sake-making process. However, instead of adding water to the fermented rice mash, the reserved portion of sake is added. This creates a highly concentrated mixture that is rich in sugars and flavors.

The mixture is then allowed to ferment for several months, during which time the sugars are slowly converted to alcohol. The resulting kijoshu is typically bottled and can be aged for several years.

Kijoshu is often enjoyed as a dessert sake, thanks to its sweet, rich flavor. It can also be paired with a variety of foods, including chocolate, cheese, and grilled meats. Due to its unique production process, kijoshu is typically more expensive than other types of sake.

The Specs

Description: Sake
Capacity: 720ml
Item Code: SEN-21
Alcohol Percentage: 14.0% (8 std drinks)
Ingredients: Rice, rice-koji, water
Rice: Domaine Sakura-Kamenoo
Rice milling: Rice milled to 90%
Style: Wild yeast, Kioke-jikomi, Kimoto
Place of Production: Tochigi, Japan

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