Taiheizan Peaceful Mountain Blue 720ml


Using ‘Akita Sake Komachi’ it has a medium high rice polishing rate of 55%. This has been brewed to give a flowery aroma and fruity flavour. Kawazawa yeast.and SMV = –0/8. Try it with a margherita pizza or bruschetta made with fresh buffaloe cheese, chopped vine ripened tomatoes and newly squeezed extra virgin olive oil. Also great with fresh seafood.

Very Limited

The Specs

Brewery: Kodama Shuzo
Brand: Taiheizan
Region: Akita
Classification: Sake
Type: Junmai Ginjo
Item Code: TAH-26
Alcohol: 15%
SMV = –0/8
Net Volume: 720ml
Standard Drinks: 8.52
Ingredients: Raw rice / Akita sake Komachi 100%
Rice: Miyama nishiki
Rice / Polishing Rate: 55%

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