Yamazakura Black Label Blended Whisky 700ml

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Yamazakura. Finally a reasonably priced good tasting (in our opinion) Japanese whisky from an established old small distillery. Yamazakura Black Label is a blended whisky and was introduced in 2015. Rarely seen outside Japan. Spicy with a hint of sweetness.


NOSE: Spicy and warm

PALATE: rich oak and wood, peat

FINISH: long warm and rich finish

The Specs

Brand: Yamazakura 
Region: Tohoku
Classification: Whisky
Item Code: SAS-02
%ALC/VOL: 40.0%
Net Volume: 700ml
Standard Drinks: 22.1
Serving Temperature Tip: Neat or on rocks. Or as highball with soda.

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