Yoikigen Momoshu (White Peach) 360ml


Japanese liqueur made with peach. Gentle flavour, reminiscent in many ways of nashi or pear. Okayama white peach has the reputation of being the best peach in Japan. We enjoy this best with half momoshu and half sparkling mineral water topped with ice cubes. A wonderful refreshing low alcohol drink on a hot summer's afternoon. Limited stock.

The Specs

Brewery: Yoikigen Co.,Ltd
Brand: Yoikigen
Region: Okayama
Classification: Liqueur
Item Code: YK-06
%ALC/VOL: 7%
Ingredients: White peach juice, brewers' alcohol, sugar.
Net Volume: 360mL
Standard Drinks: 3.2
Serving Temperature Tip: Slightly chilled neat, on the rocks or as a highball with soda or mineral water. This tastes really good. Highly recommended.


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