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sake in truck

New Shipment

A new shipment of sake is coming.

Here above at Hida in Gifu (next to Takayama) is a load of nihonshu from Watanabe shuzo, producer of the famous 'Hourai' range of sake, being loaded into a truck bound for Yokohama.

This year we have a small number of limited edition sake from Hourai. They are usually only available at the shuzo but because of the special relationship we have with them, and the generosity of the boss Takeshi San we were ble to get a small amount. We'll tell you more about them as the time gets closer.

Some of these are 'nama' so if you want to buy this sake in Perth then you will have to come down to the storefront ( SuperSake is located at 18 Glyde street Mosman Park ) but the other special release sake will be available on our on-line store so that if you want to buy sake in Sydney or Melbourne the they will be available for delivery next day from our new distribution centre in the eastern states.

We hope to bring you more pictures as they become available.

Namagenshu sake

Hourai sake

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