Japanese whisky and Japanese beer coming

 Kirin Whisky

Japanese whisky and Japanese beer coming

We're pretty excited to include Japanese whisky and beer with this shipment. We probably won't sell the beer on-line but you'll be able to purchase 6 packs from our store located inside Tsunami at 18 Glyde street Mosman Park.

Kirin Fujisanroku 50° Non-Chillfiltered
We're really excited about this one though. One of the only Japanese whisky that's not chill filtered. This enables the sweet top notes to be brighter and it has more body. It's bottles at 50 abv so it's probably the strongest Japanese whisky available. Unfortunately that means we will have to pay more excise but what can you do? It's still a great whisky and we are pleased to add it to our portfolio.

So now if you want to buy sake in Sydney, Melbourne or anywhere in Australia, and if you want to buy Japanese whisky in Australia we will be able to supply you. We expect it to be available on-line in mid July. So stay tuned ...

Yebisu beer

Nikka Miyagikyo

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