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This week we have a special on Masumi Suzumi sake. Suzumi Sake is the liquid image of the cool breeze that refreshes the wildflowers of Masumi’s highland home each summer. It is brewed with rarely used white koji to create a bright citric acidity that pairs perfectly with summer fare like raw fish and shellfish, green salads with citrus accents, and grills of fish & fowls to pork & beef.

20% off Masumi sake valid from 19-3-22 to 
21-3-22 Monday 11:59pm ( Perth time).

Suzumi Sake

Type: Junmai Ginjo

Rice: Miyama Nishiki 
(Nagano Pref.)

Polishing rate: 55% remaining

Alcohol: 14%

Serve: Chilled

Masumi is located in the town of Suwa. There are many activities going on in this town. A crazy festival of people riding on huge logs down a mountain slope with the occasional death and many injuries. 

But what we prefer to remember it is the location for the female heroine in the famous anime ‘Your Name’. Many people visit this lake with many couples with sweethearts taking selfies with the lake in the background because of the romantic nostalgia from the film. We hope one day that you’ll be able to go there and take a selfie with your sweetheart but in the absence of this please enjoy this refreshing wonderful Sake and dream of your next Japan trip.

Tateishi park in Suwa overlooking the lake made famous in the all time popular Japanese anime ‘Your Name’.

Haruki Murakami (of whom Shinkai is a confessed admirer), whose depiction of nostalgia and existential longing captivated audiences around the world.

20% off


Masumi Suzumi Sake 300ml
Masumi Suzumi Sake 720ml
Masumi Suzumi Sake 1800ml

Niigata Meijo Koshino Kanchubai Junmai Ginjo Cup 200ml

This is the time of the year for picnics. What better picnic to have a platter of sushi with a 1-cup sake. 

This one cup is a bit more luxurious than the average one cup being a junmai grade sake with a higher polishing rate than usual. 


It’s amazing what you see when you go to Niigata. 😊

Sake museum at Niigata station. Try over 100 different types of sake. (We did about 70).

GOZENSHU 1859 720ml

GOZENSHU 1859 1800ml

If you’re wondering why anyone would name is Sake after a certain year then will explain it now. When are the best varieties of rice to brew Sake with  is called Omachi. And it was ‘invented’ (long story) in 1859.

This is a special sake not only made from this rice but also brewed using the famous Bodaimoto process which was revived by the Tsuji family after seeing some ancient Japanese texts which were brought back from London by a prestigious rate book dealer in London who was related to the Tsuji family.

The rest is history. Order a bottle to see and taste what all the 
fuss is about. 😄

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