What I love to serve right now at Tsunami

My name is Brett Carboni and I'm the 'shacho' here at Tsunami. Currently at Tsunami I'm serving a lot of the namagenshu muroka sake types. My current favourite is the Usu nigori from Gozenshu. 

It's an 'usu' nigori - not as thick or creamy as other types like the Hourai Ichiban or Hidanodobu. This one has a light sediment reminiscent of a Coopers original beer. 

Being a namagenshu muroka means that it is neither pasteurised (nama), diluted (genshu) or filtered (muroka). And being from Gozenshu they have employed the ancient Bodaimoto method of making sake. Fewer than 5 shuzos in Japan currently employ that technique. It gives it a unique flavour that's hard to describe.

I love serving it to customers usually as little samples as I walk around the tables, 'spreading the sake gospel'. When people compare it to what they're drinking they can immediately see the difference. It has an intense flavour and is quite fruity without being cloying. Hints of aniseed are in the palette. 

The only disadvantage is that we can't send it over to the Eastern States but it is available to purchase either at Tsunami or at the counter in the 'SuperSake' section where you can buy it retail to take home. 

To find it on the SuperSake site it's a little hard as it is one of the 'off list' namas but a simple search should show it up. Any of the nama sakes are great. The ones from Kounotsukasa are especially brilliant as all of them are made from Daiginjo which ups the ante considerably.

Try it. You'll like it.


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