Gozenshu Sake Dinner

Last night we had a sake matching dinner with the president of Gozenshu sake presiding. Each course was matched with a suitable sake, and we got to try the legendary Gozenshu Ho-o our best and most expensive sake.

Tsuji san described in detail to all the patrons what the strength and application of each sake and was on hand to answer any question, aided by Tsunami's in house sake sommelier Tomoko Murata. 

The menu and sakes chosen were ... (from the menu)

Tsunami Gozenshu Sake Dinner Thursday January 21, 2016

Starter ~ Seared sweet prawn & avocado shooter Tasting selection I Sushi roll, ankimo, octopus, wagyu tataki, oyster tempura, kawa ebi
Gozenshu Ho-o

Sashimi ~ Tuna, salmon, hiramasa, red emperor Gozenshu Aki Hikari Muroka Namagenshu Duck, slow cooked with shimeji mushrooms, pomegranate sauce
Gozenshu Sumiya Yahei

Grilled big eye tuna belly with spicy miso sauce ~ 
Gozenshu Nyoisan Junmai Ginjo

Wagyu sirloin grade 9 ~ Gozenshu Mimasaka Junmai

Dessert selection ~ Yuzu shu

We learnt a lot that night. The difference in taste between the two nama sakes was quite pronounced. The better one was made using Omachi rice - Omachi is originally from Okoyama where Gozenshu is based (actually the company name is Tsuji Honten, and it is located in a little village outside of Okoyama called 'Katsuyama' - an amazing picturesque little village). 

We were all very privileged to partake of the Ho-o. It is truly one of the best bbalanced sakes I have every tasted, a true masterpiece. Of course at $360 for a 1.8L bottle it is not a sake you would have every day :-)

All in all it was a good night and we can't wait until Tsuji san returns.




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