Gozenshu Bodaimoto Junami muroka nama nakatori

Bodaimoto Junami muroka nama nakatori

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Gozenshu has released it's 2017/8 Bodaimoto Junami muroka nama nakatori sake and we have just received it in Australia.

Unfortunately being nama it is only available in Perth for now.
It is made using the bodaimoto method and is not only unpasteurised but unfiltered also. Bring nakatori, it is taken from the second pressing of the moromi (or arguably the first as the first pressing is more of a resting rather than pressing - the bags are put in the fune and the sake comes out by gravity itself, it isn't pressed) (but you know what we mean) so is rather clear and pure in appearance. 
In our tastings we're impressed with not only the nama style freshness but also the savoury umami characteristics of this sake. We even think it would be nice to heat it but some may consider it counterproductive or unwarranted. 
The good news is that we are offering it at an introductory price of $32.42 for a 720ml or $65.49 1.8L (limited quantity), which is exceptional value.
If you are interested go to the web store and order and choose store pickup, or just come into our bricks and mortar store located within Tsunami restauran at 18 Glyde street Mosman Park.
(Manetsu pictured. Close but hiire, not nama).

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