More products from Japan in latest container

Recently we recieved anoher container from Japan. Here are some more ...

Gozenshu Junmai namagenshu Bodaimoto Nigori
(no photo yet).

This is another great sake from Gozenshu, again with the special bodaimoto style but this one is in the style of nigori. However it's an extremely light nigori, not like the thick ones you may be familiar with. It reminds us somewhat of a Coopers Pale Ale with a slight reidue at the bottom that you need to shake up befroe you drink. It's got a beautiful flabour.


We have 2 new sakes from Kounotsukasa in the high hills of Aichi.

Junmai Ginjo Yumeginga Hiyaoroshi

Yumeginga Hiyaoroshi sake

(Apologies for the rough shot).

This sake belongs to a class of sake known as 'Hiyaoroshi sake' meaning 'Autumn release' sake. When the sake is made earlier in the year it is kept at very low temperatures, sometimes zero, and matured for around 6 m-9 months to round out the flavour. It is then released in Autumn. Some people relish the release of this special seasonal sake as it's flavours are different and can be a little bit unpredictable from season to season. 


We have been trying to get some amazake for a number of years but have been unable to. Finally we were able to purchase not one but three different kinds of Amazake.

Amazake is partially fermented rice but in a state befroe it becomes alcoholic. It is extremely healthy, some consider it a 'SuperDrink'. It is vegan, gluten free, non dairy, probiotic and above all, yummy. Some of them you can drink as is, some of them can be heated and frothed like a coffee and sometimes kinoco is added. It is like a dairy free cafe latte. 

We found a place in Nagano where they put it in a blender and combine it with macha, kurogoma (black sesame) or sakura (cherry blossums) and drink it cold on ice. 

Nagano Amazake Bar

At Tsunami in Mosman Park (Perth) they are trialling a similar system. If you are close to there go in for a taste.

There are more amazake products but we will leave 

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