Can you pair cheese & sake?

You absolutely can & it’s one of our favourite pairings. Sake has a broad range of flavours and styles that pairs with various foods.

Sake pairs naturally well with cheese because both contain lactic acid, also known as milk acid. In cheese, lactic acid contributes to the aromas and flavours, and guards against the growth of unwanted bacteria and molds. In sake, which is made with water, rice, yeast and a specific mold (koji), lactic acid adds a distinct creamy, buttery feel and a yogurt-like nose.

Purchase the Kinmon Yamabuki Gold Koshu and have your own cheese pairing at home.

It is full of umami with rich burnt toffee flavour and soft tones. We like this one because unlike most other koshu we believe this is aged at low temperatures providing a less harsh and burnt taste.

This koshu has won gold medal at IWC 7 times in a row. A world class sake for connoisseurs.





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