Hidetoshi Nakata and sake

HIDETOSHI NAKATA Sake evangelist

Hidetoshi Nakata

One of Japan's most famous soccer platers is on  a mssion to promote sake throughout the world.

He is the creator of Japan's famous Craft Sake week, Japan's most famous Sake Matsuri held in Roppongi Hills and attended by all the Japanese stars bloggers glitterati and demagogues. 

It lasts for abut 10 days and is by invitation only. Of SuperSake producers there was Miyoshikiku and Hourai (that we now of). But other well known sake producers are in attendance such as Dassai, Aramasa and Jyuyondai to name a few. 

Have a look at the video of the sake matsuri by NHK with the life story of Hidetoshi Nakata being told. 

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See the video


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