Imada Sake

The well-known shuzo known as Fukucho or 'Imada' brewery is located on a seaside town next to the Seto inland sea. The village of Akitsu is well-known in Japan as the birthplace of 'ginjo' nihonshu. Furthermore, this region is well-known for being the first to use soft water in the production of sake. Hard water promotes vigorous fermentation and increases the alcohol content of sake, whereas soft water is required for slow and low temperature fermentation (ginjo sake making). Imada / Fukucho was founded in 1868 and produces 650 koku per year (65,000 bottles of 1.8L sake). Its technology was passed down from Senzaburo Miura, 
the inventor of ginjo sake.


Check out the video below.
It shows you an overview of Fukucho, Japan and Imada brewery.

Miho Imada


A photo of Miho Imada and her team.

Miho Imada is a master sake brewer who excels in Japan's male-dominated sake world. She has received international acclaim as a tôji, or master sake brewer, and is one of only 20 to 30 women among Japan's 1,200 master sake brewers.

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Imada Sake Range

Imada Fukucho 'Seaside Sparkling' Junmai 300ml
Imada Seaside Sparkling 500ml
Imada Fukucho Junmai Ginjo Hattanso Muroka Genshu 720ml
Imada Hattanso kimoto Junmai Genkei 720ml
Imada Hattanso kimoto Junmai Ginjo 720ml

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