Is the such a thing as 'natural Sake' ?

Yes. It is called ‘Muroka’ or ‘unfiltered’.

To get the pristine clear colour of most sakes when they produce sake they run it through a charcoal or ceramic filter. This gives a good colour but removes some of the taste. As sake producers push the envelope taste wise we see more and more ‘muroka sake’ being produced. 
Imada Fukucho Junmai Ginjo Hattanso Muroka Genshu 720ml


Gozenshu Muroka namagenshu Sumiya Yahei 2014 is one (aged at 5°C for 7 years). Imada Fukucho Junmai Ginjo Hattanso Muroka Genshu. This is bottle aged as per the method used by Miho Imada of Fukucho Shuzo in Hiroshima.




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