Junmai Ginjo Akechi Mitsuhide

Akechi Mitsuhide was a samurai & taisho  (general) who had great adventures in the Sengoku period of Feudal Japan. Mitsuhide was taisho under daimyō Oda Nobunaga, famous for his rebellion against Nobunaga in 1582. He also fought in the famous battle of Tedorigawa (also a famous Japanese sake make in Kanazawa).

This sake is a depiction of him by Watanabe shuzo. Both are from Gifu.

This sake is a collaboration between the famous manga world master Reiji Matsumoto as the author of "Space Battleship Yamato". The anime pictured on the box is from him. (We are unashamed big fans of Space Battleship Yamato).

The sake itself is typical of the Junmai ginjos from hourai. If you like Kaden Tezakuri you will probably like this one, fruity, light and very easy to drink.

But we think people will buy it for the box. (We would).

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