Melbourne sake tasting for buyers

Sake tasting at Bar Nihonshu

The weekend before last and had a sake tasting in Melbourne. It was held at Nihonshu Bar and is in the central CBD of Melbourne. Many of those attending were from Melbourne's top bars and restaurants plus boutique liquor stores.

Nihonshu Bar Melbourne

Hihou, Izakaya Den, Minimashima, Nicks and Blackhearts were some of the those tasting sake with a view to buy. 

Here at SuperSake we sell a lot of sake products to Melbourne. The only products that we cannot sell are 'nama' i.e. unpasteurised nihonshu. These are restricted to our Perth branch because we currently don't have chilled storage facilities in the eastern states. But we're working on it. But we can supply wholesale sake orders next day delivery if ordered before 12 from our Melbourne warehouse.

Of the sake that was tasted some of the more popular ones were Kounotsukasa Gin Kimoto, Gozenshu usu-nigori namagenshu ( Bodaimoto method) from Okoayama, and the Yamadanishiki junmai daiginjo from Koshigoi in Chiba.

Kumo (near Lygon street Melbourne)

Also popular was the Japanese whisky 'Kirin' Sanjurokusan which we are selling to popular bars such as Supernormal (in Melbourne).

Andre Bishop, Australia's leading sake samurai (sommelier ) was on hand answering questions about sake tasting and what to buy. Melbourne is certainly lucky to have such sake expertise. He is also the owner of Kumo which boasts of what is probably The most extensive sake best in all of Australia. Later on that evening we ate there and the food was absolutely fantastic. Especially the tuna belly (toro) and exotic creations from the chef. Highly recommended. 

Overall he would have to say it was a great success and we have many restaurants placing orders. We hope to do it again soon you are interested please drop us a note list so that you may be able to attend the next one. 

sake bar

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