Photo Shoot at Tsunami Ko

Photo shoot at Tsunami Ko

Ok so it doesn't have much to do with sake but I thought I'd write a short post about life here at SuperSake because so many people are interested in a 'day in the life' of a sake company. (Not that many).

Here are a few shots of Manny Tamayo from Lightchasers / MTP in Perth. It's shot at Tsunami Ko in Mosman Park because it provided a warm and dark shooting location where Manny could control the light precisely. And we didn't have to bring the sake far plus he lives close so it was a win-win situation.

There were many shots and a lot had to be done quickly as a lot of the nihonshu that we have is 'nama' which means unpasteurised so it will go off if it's kept out for long periods of time. Did we say it was delicious? Yes Norell, it is.

So to the sound of some seriously cool drum and base the photo shoot was on. Manny has some serious gear and is a seasoned professional so the job went well. In fact he fairly 'smashed the work'. Later today he will colour correct it and pass the files to us where one of our staff will sit down and deep etch all of them and pass them back to Manny for making into multiple sizes.

Gassan Red Junmai Daiginjo

(No we don't know why the photos are all sideways but we don't know how to fix it. You could help us by lying down while reading this).

Anyway it was a fun morning and something a little bit different. Here are some shots to enjoy. You must really be interested if you are still reading this spiel :-)

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