New Arrivals (June 2018)

The new sakes have arrived in our latest shipment. New to our range is the famous Taiheizan from Akita, one of the progenitors of the famous Akita kimoto style. Their junmai kimoto is not only delicious but is suited for those who enjoy warmed sake also, plus it is very well priced. 

We also have some new sake from Ichinomia of Shimane. They have a beautiful Mount Fuji shaped bottle of a Ginjo (not junmai) which would make a great sake for gift. 

There are new beers from Yamaguchi Beer company, a Japanese craft beer IPA and a new 'Yuzu beer'. Of course we still have the popular Japanese pale ale and Japanese Weizen, and due to popular demand we have imported again the Japanese Stout beer.

If you like to buy nama sake in Australia you are i n luck. We have some special nama sakes in from Hourai and Gozenshu (Gifu and Okayama). One made with the famous Aiyama sake rice. And the popular Akihikari sake is back and will be disributed in Melbourne shortly (next week). So if you want to buy sake in Melbourne and nama is your preference there will be Gozenshu Akihikari available in top Melbourne restaurants like Kumo.

Also new and available to buy at Tsunami restaurant is a special release namazake called 'Cry Baby'. It is one of our favourite sake. Made from Omachi rice and namagenshu muroka it's flavour is divine. 

So things are looking up. Sake lovers of the world unite and let us drink great nihonshu forever. 

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