1 cup sake is coming - courtesy of Miyoshikiku

1 cup sake fro Miyoshikiku

1 cup sake is coming

We'll admit we've never been fans of 1 cup sake. It's usually cheap and nasty and almost always futsushu, with added jozo alcohol. 

But enter Miyoshikiku, the disruptor of 1 cup sake.

Mamiya san of Miysohikiku fame, creator of legenday 'Nihonshu not Dead' sake has produced a series of one cup with his usual 'sake for the  subculture' style and memorable graphics. 

With a varying range of tastes there's bound to be  a style you'll enjoy. One of the series, '3 sisters' is based on his 3 daughters who sometimes help out in the shuzo. Another, with a Playboy style bunny on  the  label, is an outstanding 20% alcohol percentage. 20% ABV. Wow. Bold flavour and strong taste.

It's arriving around June 27 so keep your eyes peeled for this one. It might be worth it buying the whole set and keeping the cups for later.

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Hey guys, is the One Cup Sake available yet? Couldn’t find it on your site and super keen!

Mandy October 27, 2018

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