New products - Namazake and Edamame

Here is what we hope will be the final in the series of what we have received from Japan in our latest container.

Kounotsukasa Junmai Daiginjo muroka nama 

We have a limited amount of this from Kounotsukasa in Aichi. It is junmai daiginjo which means it has been polished maore than 50% (' seimaibuai ') i.e. ( From Truesake web site).

"The Japanese word Seimaibuai (say-my-boo-eye) is the most poignant word that you will need to know to order your sake by grade and category. Seimaibuai is the actual term for how much a grain of brewing rice is polished or milled. For example a Seimaibuai of 50% means that each grain of rice that makes up that particular sake has been milled or polished 50% leaving a remaining value of 50% (Dai Ginjo grade sake).

So this sake is already high quality. In addition to that it is muroka (unfiltered) for greater flavour, and 'nama' which means unpasteurised.

This is definitely recommended although as we said before we cannot send to Sydney Melbourne or any of the eastern states (yet). 

Edamame Amazake


From Akita we have a marvelous product called edamame amazake. It is the partially fermemted non alcoholic rice drink but this time laden with the nutritios edamame beans from Akita. Akita produces what many consider is the best edamame in Japan. These are picked early in the morning, shucked and either freeze dried (we stock this product as well) or blended into this delicious super healthy drink.

It is vegan, dairy free, gluten-free, minimal chemical use and great tasting. It can be drunk cold or heated and eaten as a kind of soup. Very healthy and nutritious. 

The edamame freeze dried beans we mentioned briefly are absolutely delicious, moorish and we can attest that once you start eating them it is hard to stop. They are a perfect accompaniment to sake.

Happy drinking and in this case, eating. :-)

Farmers of Akita

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