Plum Wine Dinner

Plum wine tasting in the garden
Looking to host an event that's different? How about a plum wine dinner?
We have set menus for the food (found here ... ). 
We can do a plum wine tasting course with a different plum wine for every course. They wouldn’t be matching the food necessarily but you would get to try quite a lot of different ones. I’m also assuming you only want umeshu and not yuzushu (I have at least 4 yuzushu’s also).
Nigori Umeshu
We have 
- Eikoo Kuramotono Umeshu
- Eikoo Kuramotono Nigori-Umeshu
- Koshigoi Japanese plum wine (daiginjo)
- Koshigoi Jikomi (ginjo)
- Kinmon Shizuku Silver plum wine
- Kinmon Shizuku gold plum wine
- Kinmon Umeshizuku premium plum wine (that’s a little pricey though)
- Gozenshu Yumemakura Junmai umeshu
- Kounotsukasa ume-shu okazaemon
So probably too many for a dinner. But you can come in and choose them.
If after the event your friends want to buy some to take home we can also offer you and your guests a special group discount for the night. (We have a liquor store license as well). 
Please consider. 

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