Oysters and Sake

Oysters and especially seafood have been an important part of Japanese cuisine for thousands of years. If you think about Japan and its cuisine one of the first things you will think about is seafood. It is a part of their culture and just as much a part of their culture is Sake which also has been around for thousands of years. So to match the two is natural.

Here are some suggestions from us

Imada White Koji Junmai "Seafood Blue" 720ml

When we visited Fukucho Imada Shuzo and spoke with Miho the head brewer (toji) she drove us around the coastline and we looked at the islands and we looked at the myriad voice to fields were there. This region is one of the biggest suppliers of oysters in Japan so it’s natural that when they make their sake it is made to match oysters try this sparking Sake or her other Sake when you have a dozen oysters.

Sawa sparkling sake 250ml

On the opposite side of the island and to the far north lies the region of Niigata. Niigata is close to the island of Sado and is famous for seafood. Try this delightful light crisp sparkling Sake with scallops or amaebi sashimi.

Koshigoi Junmai Daiginjo Namacho Genshu 720ml

On the east coast of Japan roughly an hour from Tokyo lies the prefecture of Chiba. One of the most important seaside cities in Chiba is called Katsuura and it is a surfing mecca for the populous of Tokyo. It is also famous for seafood at the markets caught freshly from the surrounding ocean. It featured in the Netflix drama ‘Gourmet Samurai’. Our brewery that we source from in this region is called Koshigoi and they make a wonderful ultra premium  Junmai daiginjo — it suits seafood from the region perfectly. Try it with miso cod, saba (mackerel), kingfish or snapper.

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