Sake as a Christmas present

Sake as a Christmas present

Sake makes a great Christmas present. If your friend or workplace colleague is Japanese they may very well appreciate a taste of their homeland in the same way that you might enjoy a bottle of Australian wine if you lived in Japan and it was not commonplace to buy.

What kind of sake should I buy? Well, for one thing, find out which prefecture they are from. If you see in our range of sake that there is a sake from the same prefecture that they grew up in or were born then that's a good choice. For example if they were born in Chiba then you would buy them a bottle of Koshigoi sake. If they grew up in Okayama prefecture then get them a bottle of Gozenshu, especially the new Gozenshu9 range made using the ancient bodaimoto method. 

It doesn't matter f you are looking to buy sake in Sydney or buy sake in Melbourne or even buy sake in Darwin we deliver to all of these areas by Australia Post. 

But we would get our order in soon as Christmas is coming up soon and it can take easliy a week for use to mail sake to Sydney or Melbourne. 

So get cracking and order up big for the festive season. And remember 'sake makes a great Christmas present'.

(We forgot, umeshu or as it's called plum wine, not to mention yuzushu, made from yuzu, also makes a great Christmas present, so if you are looking to but umeshu (plum wine) in Melbourne, Sydney or Perth or all over Australia please have a look at our range.

Merry Christmas.

(We also have great Japanese craft beer from yamaguchi. This also makes a great present and, yes, you guessed it, if you want to buy Japanese craft beer in Melbourne, Sydney or Perth, please consider us.)

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