Senkin Sake

Senkin Sake article

We read another article about our latest addition to our portfolio, Senkin Sake. In it it describes the sake making process, and also the Domaine philosophy that Senkin employs, right down to the extracting of local subterranean water which is the heart of sake. 

If you are interested in Senkin sake please read the article. It is from "POCKET CONCIERGE OFFICIAL BLOG"

Senkin Sake Article.

And please remember. If you want to buy sake in Australia from Senkin, please let us know. We sell one of the Senkin in the on-line store and our wholesale arm sells around 8 different types of Senkin sake. They can be contacted at - 

They have Senkin Kamosu , Senkin Urara , Senkin Issei and many more. 

 Senkin Sake

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