SuperSake Sake Festival coming up

Sake is certainly hotting up in Perth. Shortly there's Perth Sake Week and shortly after that there's SuperSake Sake Festival.

Held on the grounds of Tsunami Japanese Restaurant in Mosman Park this is a great event if you want to taste a wide variety of sake over a few hours. You can sample junmai, ginjo, daiginjo, futsushu (not many), nigori, nama nama, namagenshu, muroka, plum wine, Japanese craft beer, Japanese whisky to name a few.

We suggest taking the train if you can, or at least Uber so that you can safely get home. Sake is only 15% alcohol on average so you can have quite a few. The tastes are on average about 20ml each. 

There's traditional Matsuri (festival) food available with most plates around the $5 mark. Look for traditional tako yaki plus a lot of funny stuff the chefs make which we haven't seen before.

 Perth Sake Festival in Mosman Park

There's a door prize with a selection of goodies (more on that later). 

 This is perhaps our fourth sake festival. We are constantly surprised at the type of people that rock up to these events. Once we had a famous tattoo artist come. He bought our best sake (well, the boss's favourite, the Gozenshu Ho-o). But you would be surprised at how many families come with kids. It's a family event, just as it is in Japan.

Families at Sake Festival / Perth Western Australia

One of the best things about this sake festival (for Perth anyway) is that you can ask questions from a bevy of sake professionals. People who love sake (nihonshu) and love talking about it. You can talk about nihonshudo, the alcohol percenstage, ask how is sake made, what is nama and lots of other things.

But wait there's more. 

Japanese Whisky and Japanese Craft Beer

SuperSake is proud to bring in from Japan and sell Japanese craft beer from Yamaguchi in the southernmost region of the Honshu island of Japan. Made with clean crisp water from granite rocks this Japanese beer was recently lauded by the head of a major Japanese restaurant chain in Melbourne as one of the best Japanese beers he has tasted. We think so too, especially the Weizen. Come and taste some. 

Japanese whisky is also available. We especially love the Kirin Sanjuroku Tarajuku cask strength non chill filtered whisky. Come try some. 

There are many discounts on the day. It's a great time to stock up on your sake supplies for the winter. 

Anyway we hope to see you there. If you can't make Saturday, it open Sunday also. Both days from 12-5pm. 

Speak to sake professionals at this Perth sake event


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