Sake shipment arrival

New Sake Arrivals

We're pleased to announce the arrival of a new shipment from Japan. New additions to our range include 2 varieties of shochu from Okayama, a sweet potato and indigenous Japanese mint variety plus a new mint infused yuzushu. 

For those who have been waiting for Yebisu 350ml Gold cans we have a limited number of cartons.


Back in Stock

Some of our best sellers which we sold out of early are back in stock. In particular the Kinmon 'red rice' X3 Rose (now served in many Michelin star restaurant), the Kounotsukasa 'Gin' kimoto and the very well priced Hourai 'Hatsugumi' junmai ginjo (the 'top cut' pick of the tank from the toji (head brewer). Many of our good customers who wanted to buy sake Melbourne or Sydney have been waiting on these, especially the ' red rice sake ' from Kinmon. Well now you have your opportunity to buy. 

To order the sake go to our web site or come into our store from 4pm to 10:30pm (beer is store only).


Sake Store

Many people have been asking " I want to find a sake store in Perth " (or Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra etc). We can't help you with a physical store in Melbourne Sydney etc but if you live in Perth and you want to go to a physical sake store then you're in luck.

Between the hours of 4pm until late (even 10:30) our physical bricks and mortar sake store in Mosman Park is open, 7 days a week even. It's located at 18 Glyde street Mosman Park. Also if that is too late for you we can arrange pickup from 1pm as long as payment has been made beforehand.

One of the best things about our sake store in Mosman Park is nama sake ( namazake ). Nama sake is unpasteurised and will go off if left out for a short time. Many love it (including ourselves) for its fresh and 'zippy' zesty taste. But it is hard to find even in Melbourne and Sydney. It is also a little bit more expensive (because if the electricity cost to refrigerate it for long periods of time) but we consider it to be worth it because of the taste. We have at least around 7 different types of namazake at the SuperSake sake store. They range from fizzy and spritzy nigori style makes like the Koshigoi Fuwa Fuwa and Eikoo Kassei to the elegant Sumiya Yahei and Akihikari 45 from the upmarket Gozenshu brewery. We also have very limited stocks of the Gin kimoto sake from Kounotsukasa in Aichi. And some very raw and powerful nama (not nigori) from Koshigoi ( 'Non Non'). And for high quality extremely limited nama we have just received from Watanabe Shuzo ( Hourai ) some extremely small quantity nihonshu (sake). One of these is made from a very rare and great tasting rice varietal and is called ' Kames no O'. The Aiyama is also great. These are also junmai daiginjo so a very smooth taste is present.

We have even more that space precludes us from mentioning ( a nama version of the very popular junmai from Gozenshu ' Mimasaka ' ).

We hope to see you soon at our sake store in Perth. And remember if you are seeking to buy sake in Sydney Melbourne Perth or anywhere in Australia, please consider us.

Thank you.

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