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Founded in 1879 in Katagami, Akita in northern Japan, Kodama Jozo is known for its brands, Taiheizan 太平山、named after a long worshipped mountain in Akita and Tenko天巧、completely hand-made artisan junmai daiginjo series. The brewery’s history goes back as soy sauce and miso producer and the production of these traditional Japanese fermented food products still remain important parts of business at Kodama Jozo. Blessed with abundant quality rice and fresh mountain water, the generations have nurtured and developed brewing skills to bring refined sake.

The unique characteristics of Taiheizan sake is in its rich texture and complex umami taste with a sharp finish. One of the secrets behind this is in the creation of moto (yeast starter) before main fermentation. Kodama Brewery has developed a modern, modified version of traditional kimoto method, known as the “Akita Kimoto Method” to create strong moto. At the first pole ramming stage of traditional kimoto, steamed rice and koji are normally divided into several vats, but in the modified Akita Kimoto version, a hand-operated electric propelled pole is used to stir and pulverize steamed
rice and koji in a vat.

This creates a sticky, paste-like anaerobic environment, enabling acceleration of anaerobic bacteria, namely lactic-acid bacteria, to grow naturally without being infected by wild bacteria and germs in the air. The finished strong moto made by this Akita Kimoto style is clean and resistant to cold Akita climate for
prolonged fermentations.

It is of these long fermentations at low temperatures which create aromatic elegant fragrance and complexity that make premium Taiheizan sakes.

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