What's new?

What's new?

In 2019 we have brought in new sake and beer for our customers. And in an Australian first, the first Japanese Cider from Japan. Let's have a look at what we have new.


Tentaka is one of the few 100% Organic sake producers in japan. Their premiere product, the Tentaka Organic Junmai is triple certified organic, ie in the EU, Japan and the USA. Here is the description from the company.


"Organic Nihonshu, “Tentaka”, is made from only rice and rice koji. All rice used for the [Organic] sake is “organic rice” and grown based on Japanese Agricultural Standards (JAS). Not only do we take rice farming seriously to provide high quality tasty sake, but also we, as a brewery coexisting with the community, work with partner farmers to grow rice with the least influence on the natural environment. 

Tentaka Shuzo, Co., Ltd is certified as an organic brewery by Japan, the United States, and European Union. It is one of only three in Japan.

Organic rice blessed with the sun and the motherland grows strongly – its soul will not be lost even after many brewing processes. We have a strict organic Nihonshu brewing process, carefully select machines, substances, and even materials for a broom. We pay close attention to every detail to produce our products. Take a sip of the organic sake “Tentaka” and feel the rice’s sweetness and flavour.


Baeren is one of the oldest Japanese craft beer producers in Japan. Situated in the northern part of the main Honshu island they are producing some of the best beers in japan and we are pleased to be the fist and only importer into Australia.

Baeren Perry (dry pear cider)


They produce a great range of beers also. For more information there is a great article on them here ...

Baeren beer



Shochu & umeshu

Kagoshima, situated at the base of the southewrnmost island of Japan, 'Kyushu',  produces the best (some say) imo shochu in Japan, in addition to their famous 'kurobuta' black pork and wagyu beef. In fact there are no sake breweries to speak of in Kagoshima. This is a classic style and while a bit more expensive than the other rice and buckwheat based shochu is generally considered superior. So now if you want to buy shochu in Sydney, Melbourne, or anywhere in Australia you can come here.

Kojika Ao tonbo (Blue Dragonfly) shochu

More to come.

There are more new sakes that we have imported but we have run out of time to write about them. Stay tunes, or just go to the newly imported section of our web site and you'll see what is new. We especially recommend the Niigata Meijo range. Very nice sake and very affordable. 

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