World Sake Day

World Sake Day is celebrated annually on October 1 to recognize sake and its contributions to Japanese culture, from ceremonies to (obviously) celebrations. The day is also to deepen people’s love for sake and understanding of this beverage. It doesn’t matter if you live in or outside Japan, because the day is for all sake lovers all around the world. World Sake Day marks the beginning of the annual rice harvest, when sake production in Japan begins. So, gather together and enjoy this Japanese drink. Kampai!


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Sekaiitto Kishu Junmai 720ml

Medium dry junmai grade, easy to drink and goes well with savoury foods such as teriyaki chicken, udon stir fry, nabe (one pot) dishes
(eg sukiyaki and shabu shabu).

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Imada Seaside Sparkling 500ml

This sparkling version, achieved through an extended in-bottle fermentation, pairs particularly well with fried foods, such as calamari, gyoza and tempura. In summary, Seafood Sparkling offers more versatility than most other sparkling sake, and is equally at home on the dinner table as it is served in a champagne glass when raising a toast.

Stock up for summer with Masumi ’Suzumi’ 
’Summer Breeze' summer sake.

Suzumi Sake has a bright acidity that highlights the freshness of summer food. It is brewed with rarely used white koji to create a bright citric acidity that pairs perfectly with summer fare like raw fish and shellfish, green salads with citrus accents, and grills of fish & fowls to pork & beef.

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Masumi Suzumi Sake's

­Niigata Meijo Biroku Chojazakari Daiginjo 180ml­
Niigata is one of the heaviest snowfall regions in the world and it has helped them become one of the sake making powerhouses of Japan. The snow both provides fresh clean pure water to make sake and the cold temperatures helped them control unwanted yeasts and koji. We have brought in a wide selection of sakes from them, each with different characteristics. One of the best things about them is that they make nice sake for an affordable price.

­Tentaka Junmai Daiginjo Kokoro 300ml­
Tentaka Shuzo, Co., Ltd is certified as an organic brewery by Japan, the United States, and European Union. It is one of only 4 in Japan.

Tentaka Junmai Daiginjo Kokoro is made from organic rice that has been blessed by the sun and the motherland, and its soul will not be lost even after many brewing processes. The brewery follows a strict organic Nihonshu brewing process and carefully selects the machines, substances, and even broom materials.Take a sip of the organic sake Tentaka and enjoy the sweetness and flavour of the rice.

Taiheizan Juhonen Daiginjo 720ml
IWC Award winning show sake (Katamagi Ginjo Daiginjo Trophy 2014).

This Daiginjo has small amount of makers alcohol added 8 hours before moromi is pressed so as to more fully dissolve the mx and produce a full flavoured with subtle aroma nihonshu. Stronger alcohol content at 17% vs the more normal 15%. The flavour is unique and has to be tasted to be appreciated. One of the flagships of the Taiheizan stable.

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