Yuzu. Getting popular due to Masterchef.

It's Yuzu time (as seen on Masterchef).

Anyone who has been watching Masterchef will have seen the enormous popularity of Yuzu, the remarkable Japanese citrus fruit. But what is it and how do we use it?

Yuzu is a Japanese citrus fruit similar to grapefruit and lemon, zesty and aromatic and used for many things varying from baths, tea, butter, ponzu and in our case refreshing slightly alcoholic drinks.
At SuperSake you can buy Yuzu drinks in a wide range of styles. From gentle Hiroshima styles to the stronger Okayama style there are many ways to enjoy it.
Have the Imada yuzushu on the rocks, use the Gozenshu yuzushu to make cocktails. And the most popular Yuzu drink, the Eikoo yuzushu, is enjoyed by SuperSake staff in a similar way to a whisky highball. Put some in the bottom of a glass and fill to the top with sparkling mineral or soda water.

Another novel way to enjoy Yuzushu is hot. Not too hot but around 45C it is nice slowly sipped on a cold winter night. 
So have a look at the products on our site (do a search under 'yuzu')  and start your Yuzu journey today.

yuzushu from Kounotsukasa

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