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New shipment arrival in Perth

Our new shipment has arrived in Perth and we have sent extra stock over east for those who want to buy sake in Melbourne & Sydney. Now with next day delivery if you order early. (But more about that later).

 It was an extremely busy day with many delays before hand early in the week due to customs holding it back because of a reported drug bust at the wharf.  We received close to 12 palates fall of Japanese whiskey, Japanese beer and of course almost 6000 bottles of delicious Japanese sake. 

 We have three new shuzos this year and would like to welcome them to Australia. Firstly Kinmon from the Akita region. They are famous in that prefecture for the making of koshu (aged) sake and also an extremely high quality umeshu (plum wine) . Their top of the range has won many accolades and is exported all over the world especially to Spain. In fact it is quite similar to a top quality Oloroso. 

Secondly we have Miyoshikiku.  This sake has an extremely eclectic label range which are hard to describe in words, you would have to see them to understand. The maker also perform this in a punk rock cover band and his eclectic style shows in his style of Nihonshu. Most of them are Nama but for those who want to buy his sake in Melbourne we asked him to produce one range of Hiire (pasteurised) sake. It is called "You can not kill me" and it tastes strong punchy and sweet at the same time. We love it. 

 Japanese Whisky

Japanese Whisky ready to buy now.

Thirdly  we have a new supplier of plan wine and other types from Ehime called Eikoo.  They also make a Shochu.  Their plan wines both taste nice and are quite affordable and they also have a range made from Kiwi, Yuzu, Mikan and many others. Their nihonshu is also great and will especially appeal to those who like their sake dry. 

 Last but not least we have the very famous Katsu Yarmo range which hails from Sendai. This is some of the most expensive and height is polity in all of Japan. Well we did not import expensive ones because  I thought it was too expensive for here, we have some of the more affordable range and upon tasting at you will understand what the fuss is all about. 

Anyway, more on these later. Please  have a look at some of the pictures we took when we were unloading them all.  

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