Photo of Miho Imada courtesy of Imada Shuzo.

Imada Sake Brewery

Imada-san is one of only a few female Toji (master brewer) in Japan, producing fine sake by the sea in the vicinity of Hiroshima. Only 20 of the approximately 1000 sake breweries in operation today are led by women tōji. But Miho Imada is not keeping score.

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New Arrivals

Brewed using 100% Hattanso rice, the pure ancestor of Hiroshima Prefecture's native Hattan strain of brewing rice.

Imada Hattanso kimoto Junmai Ginjo 720ml
Imada Hattanso kimoto Junmai Genkei 720ml

Familiar favourites

Full flavoured naturally fermented sparkling sake designed to go with oysters from Japan's best oyster region (Hiroshima). No CO2 injection used.
Very popular.

Imada Fukucho 'Seaside Sparkling' Junmai 300ml

The nose is replete with fermentation, lavender and hazelnut. Flavour of honey, walnut, pineapple with a sweet slightly spicy aftertaste.

This sake is perfectly suited to match oysters and most simply cooked seafood (grilled with olive oil or teriyaki etc, not in butter or other rich sauces).

Imada Fukucho Junmai Ginjo Hattanso Muroka Genshu 720ml

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Imada Sake

Newest additions to our Shochu range

Niigata Meijo Shochu Honyara 720ml

Rice based shochu, easy to drink, neutral taste, made by making the best use of sake brewing technology. Cryogenic distillation made it even 
more mellow.

Kojika Imo Shochu (white koji) 900ml

New bottle size

Strong distinctive sweet potato ('imo') flavour, drink with half water and half shochu (recommended).

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