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After a few years hiatus a Japanese Liquor Festival was held at Tsunami in Perth last weekend. Much beer, whisky, gin, kajitsushu and shochu consumed and discussed. Especially popular was the kajitsushu (umeshu, momoshu and yuzushu). And we announced a winner for those who purchased a whisky tasting ticket. 1st prize was a 30ml shot of the rare Hibiki 21 YO whisky. The winner graciously share it with his friends.
A lot of the Yamazakura Pure Malt and Blended whisky was sold. And many seasoned whisky drinkers decided to check out the rage of shochu. Komatsuzaki san (Terry) our resident shochu enthusiast was there to guide everyone through the range.
Check out some of the photos below from the event

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Miyoshikiku - Sake Enthusiasts

Sunny day at Miyoshikiku sake brewery - with sake enthusiasts. Photo by Author.

Sake plays an essential role in Japanese culture. You might have seen sake barrels at famous shrines like Meiji Shrine. Sake is still used for ceremonial purposes at temples and shrines but it is sadly a diminishing industry.

You can see a YouTube video below showing sake barrels at Meiji shrine


Our Miyoshikiku line has grown
We have 7 new products to try.

Miyoshikiku Togai 等外山田錦 720ml

Miyoshikiku No Bondage Gohyakumangoku Junmai Ginjo 720ml

Miyoshikiku Neco Waka 720ml

Miyoshikiku Orie Junmai Ginjo 720ml

Miyoshikiku Kame no o 亀の尾 です Tail of the turtle 300ml

Miyoshikiku Kit Cat 300ml

Miyoshikiku Girl and Guitar 300ml

Miyoshikiku Tokubetsu Junmai Koharu
Is back in stock

It is a special pure rice that uses the name of Miyoshikiku Sake Brewery's three sisters, Koharu, the third daughter. The calm mouthpiece unique to burning is well-balanced and perfect for any meals.

Miyoshikiku Tokubetsu Junmai Koharu 720ml

Upcoming Sake Event in Perth

 Wa sake lovers, our next sake festival in Perth is around the corner. This is an excellent opportunity to sample sake from various regions of Japan and find a Christmas present for your family and friends.

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