Niigata Meijo & Yoikgen

Niigata Meijo

Niigata is one of the world's snowiest regions, which has helped it become one of Japan's sake-making powerhouses. The snow provides fresh, clean, pure water for sake production, and the cold temperatures aid in the control of unwanted yeasts and koji. We've brought in a variety of sakes from them, each with its own distinct flavour. One of their best qualities is that they produce high-quality sake at a reasonable price.

New Arrival

Rice based shochu, easy to drink, neutral taste, made by making the best use of sake brewing technology. Cryogenic distillation made it 
even more mellow.

Niigata Meijo Shochu Honyara 720ml

Yuyu Umeshu has returned
It's one of our favourites from 
the Niigata Meijo collection.

Some say Niigata produces the best sake in Japan due to massive snowfalls (30m+/year) which provides very pure water for growing rice & brewing sake plus the extreme temperatures ensure purification from contaminants 
that adversely affect.

Yuyu Umeshu 500ml

Niigata Meijo Biroku Chojazakari Daiginjo 
Comes in a fashionable blue bottle.

Daiginjo Sake.

Niigata Meijo Biroku Chojazakari Daiginjo 180ml


Established in 1907. The family business prior to our sake brewery was a blacksmith, but the first Sutekichi Watanabe began sake brewing in Hoita Village, Shimochi District (now Hattori, Mabi Town, Kurashiki City).

Our favourite yuzushu. Fresh Yuzu fruit mashed with an almost undetectable hint of mint, this beverage is best in a large glass with lots of ice and soda water on a hot day. A refreshing alternative to a lemon lime and bitter. If you put just a few centimeters in the glass it's hardly alcoholic at all and not as sweet as a lemon lime and bitter. But not as tart as other yuzushu we have tried.

Yoikigen Yuzu Mint liqueur 500ml

Japanese liqueur made with peach. Gentle flavour, reminiscent in many ways of nashi or pear. Okayama white peach has the reputation of being the best peach in Japan. We enjoy this best with half momoshu and half sparkling mineral water topped with ice cubes. A wonderful refreshing low alcohol drink on a hot summer's afternoon.

Yoikigen Momoshu (White Peach) 360ml

Low alcohol drink. Okayama is famous throughout Japan for its peaches. This uses shochu with white peaches. Have it highball style with soda 
or on the rocks.

Yoikigen Momoshu (White Peach) 720ml

Low alcohol drink. Okayama produces excellent fruit including Nashi. This uses shochu as a base. Have it highball style with soda & ice, or straight 
on the rocks. 

Yoikgen Nashishu (Pear) 720ml

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