Sweet Potato Shochu

We love imo shochu. Imo is Japanese for sweet potato. It has a distinctive strong and addictive flavour. And the best imo shochu is generally thought to come from Kagoshima (along with the best kurabuta, black Berkshire pork, and they go together).

We have stocks of the earthy everyman Kojika shochu, and the more hip ‘Aotoombo’ (Blue dragonfly) imo shochu, which is great in a large stemless glass with lots of crushed ice and a little water.
But the most popular drink from Kojika was their plum wine. We sold out early last year and people have been wanting it for some time. We’re not sure what it is that people like. Is it the unuasula tarty taste. It’s shochu based, remember. Or is it the beautiful packaging? It’s one of the most beautiful of our plum wines if you are thinking of giving a gift. Whatever it is we recommend this plum wine for you to buy this week.



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