Why I love sake so much…

Henpei / Genkei

Last night I sat down with executive chef Tetsuya of Tsunami and we tasted two sakes from Miho Imada of Fukucho shuzo in Hiroshima. I had forgotten how good some Sake can taste. The rice fresh lovely taste of it reminded me of why I love sake so much. Both of them were in nama which is to say unpasteurised sake. A bit stronger than normal at 16% ABV. They were both from Hattanishiki rice but the polishing methods were different and we attest to the fact that this makes the taste quite different. I myself preferred the contour polished one more.

But rather than take our opinion of it I thought to include a great write up from Origin Sake concerning these sake.



Seaside Sparkling

Sparkling sake falls into 2 categories. The cheap sweetened aerated sake who’s taste reminds us of Sprite. Then there is the brewed sake which has bubbles due to the fermentation process and is usually a bit cloudy. Just a bit. Imada Seaside Sparkling is like that. Designed especially to go with seafood it complements perfectly oysters (Imada is from Hiroshima, the premiere location in Japan for oysters), Hokkaido scallops pan fried in butter with a touch of soy and mirin, or Patagonian toothfish  or Black Cod marinated in white miso and sake lees for 24 hours and baked in an oven at 190°C. The strong flavour of the seaside sparkling stands up to and complements these strong flavours.




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