The Famous Snowman

One of the world’s favourite Nigori has come to Perth. The famous Senkin ‘Snowman’ (Yukidaruma). Made to Junmai Daiginjo grade and with the same exacting and creative juices of the famous Usui brothers this luscious Nigori sake does not disappoint. To stop the ‘explosion’ upon opening the bottle it has a tiny porous circular area on the cap which gradually lets the gases escape and yet preserves the freshness of the nama sake. Yes, did we say ‘nama’? Indeed. This is most definitely not pasteurised so is only for pickup at the SuperSake store located inside Tsunami in Mosman Park, or now, available for delivery to the surrounding suburbs.

One of our most sophisticated and expensive plum wines is the Senkin Ume Jiri. We have a limited number. We were hoping to have tastings of this at our Kajitsuru festival but Covid-19 put a stop to that. But take our word for it. An excellent product from a great sake maker. Extremely limited numbers.

For those who have experience with the Senkin range and are looking for something a little different we have a limited amount of the Senkin Modern Muku, but in nama form, ie. unpasteurised. Taste and see the difference.




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