We can’t wait to try these!

This is perfect both cold but especially warmed. Their attention to detail and natural techniques is justified by the taste alone.

Kinpou Odayaka Junmai Ginjo (Green Frog). Niida loves their little green frogs. They use them to control the insect population in their rice fields obviating the need for harmful pesticides.

The sake is made in the natural yamahai method, using natural yeast that is found in the sake shuzo itself, not introduced artificially.

From the brewer. “The thick moromi made from natural sake is ground with a traditional stone mill to make pure white smelt. It has lots of swelling and is gentle, soft and gentle like snow. The aroma of the koji is plentiful and the aftertaste has a raw sourness.”

Shizenshu Hatsuyuki Dayori is a special seasonal release. There are only a small number available.

We can’t wait to try them.





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