Yamazakura Pure Malt and blend

What better gift for Christmas than a bottle of whisky ? And a Japanese one at that.


Looking for a gift for someone who enjoys a dram or two? Lost in the plethora of choices of Scottish whiskies. We’ll admit it’s pretty confusing. Islay, Speyside, Islands and more. What do they all mean? How come some smell nice and some like toilet cleaner?


Why not try something different? Japanese whisky (that’s affordable).


Ever since Yamazaki won a famous award many years ago Japanese whisky has been gaining in popularity. Unfortunaely it’s been gaining in price too, and at a disproportionate rate we think. Sure we liked the yamzaki 18 YO when it was $200 but seriously, $1,000? How can a whisky cost that much? Sure if we had the money of a hedge fund mogul we would probably go for it but some of us are on normal wages and we deserve a nice dram from the land of the rising sun as much as anyone.


Enter the Yamazakura.


One is a blend and affordable and one is sourced with whisky which we believe is the equivalent of a 5 YO aged in smaller barrels (hence a faster maturation). If you happen to be located in perth and can make it to SuperSake’s Sake festivals, Tsunami Japanese restaurant or some selected Japanese restaurants you can sample these for yourself. But, if you are reading this, you are probably not located in WA, so you might have to take our word for it.

But … having said that, we are not talking Yamazaki or Hibiki prices here. Yamazakura punches above its weight in the taste department and is not priced like the other Japanese big name whiskies.

And, unlike the plethora of new Japanese whiskies, which may or may not taste good, these are quite nice especially considering the price.

But don’t take our word for it. Buy a bottle or two and have a taste for yourself.





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