Yoikigen Kajitsushu (fruit liqueurs)

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Yoikigen Yuzu Mint liqueur

Our favourite yuzushu. Fresh Yuzu fruit mashed with an almost undetectable hint of mint, this beverage is best in a large glass with lots of ice and soda water on a hot day. A refreshing alternative to a lemon lime and bitter. If you put just a few centimeters in the glass it's hardly alcoholic at all and not as sweet as a lemon lime and bitter. But not as tart as other yuzushu we have tried.

Yoikgen Nashishu (Pear)

Low alcohol drink. Okayama produces excellent fruit including Nashi. This uses shochu as a base. Have it highball style with soda & ice, or straight on the rocks.

Yoikigen Momoshu (White Peach)

Japanese liqueur made with peach. Gentle flavour, reminiscent in many ways of nashi or pear. Okayama white peach has the reputation of being the best peach in Japan. We enjoy this best with half momoshu and half sparkling mineral water topped with ice cubes. A wonderful refreshing low alcohol drink on a hot summer's afternoon.

Available in two bottle sizes.

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