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Senkin Organic Nature

Made using the Kimoto method, in natural wooden vats as well as naturally occuring yeast and lactic acid bacteria. Richly aromatic, velvety with a great mouthfeel. Juicy fruits are complexly interwoven with mouth watering acidity, with a gentle Kimoto flavor of light spice and savoriness. The aroma is rich and fruity like muscat and grapefruits. The taste is complex with gentle sweetness and umami.


Brewing with wild yeast, which is often derived from the environment in or around the brewery, takes time without the addition of yeast. It can, however, fully extract the energy of ancient Kamenoo rice and create a phantom world of infinite vitality.

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Senkin Organic Nature W 2022  

Kijoshu is a type of Japanese sake that is known for its rich, sweet flavor and unique production method. Unlike most sake, which is made by adding water to the fermented rice mash, kijoshu is made by adding sake to the mash instead in the final stage. This creates a sake that is much sweeter and more full-bodied than other types of sake.



"Yuzushu" Yuzu Liqueur

Yuzu, the magical citrous that brightens many Japanese dishes, takes centre stage in this sweet and tangy, delightfully aromatic liqueur. Excellent as an aperitif or after dinner. Excellent with dark chocolate desserts.

Masumi Yuzushu

Made with yuzu citrus juice, sugar, and Masumi Sumi Shochu. Refreshing and delicious. Delightfully aromatic liqueur.



"In the sense of inheriting the good traditions of Kishu, we made souvenir sake as a commemoration of sightseeing in Wakayama. It is an old-fashioned pure rice sake that makes use of the flavor of rice to the last drop."
- Sekaiito brewery

Sekaiitto Kishu Junmai

Medium dry junmai grade, easy to drink and goes well with savoury foods such as teriyaki chicken, udon stir fry, nabe (one pot) dishes (eg sukiyaki and shabu shabu).


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Nishihira has been a neighbourhood business in Naze City for over 90 years, located in a southern residential neighbourhood. All fermentation takes place in traditional ceramic pots buried in the distillery hall's floor. All spirits are distilled in a single stainless steel pot still and aged on-site in enamel lined tanks and oak casks.

Nishihira Shuzo Kana

Kokuto shochu is a type of Japanese distilled spirit made from traditional dark sugar known as "kokuto" in Japanese. It is regionally exclusive (or unique) to the Amami Islands, located in the southern part of Japan, and is known for its unique flavour and aroma.

Nishihira Shuzo Kana

Kokuto shochu is made by fermenting a mixture of steamed rice and water with white koji mold, which is then distilled and blended with kokuto sugar. The result is a smooth, slightly sweet spirit with a rich, caramel-like flavour.

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