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We bring in plum wines and fruit liqueurs from all around Japan. From the frigid snowfields of Akita, where they are aged for many years, to the warm climate of Ehime, where the plentiful sunshine yields a fully mature flavour. We have plum wines from Aichi, Okayama, Ehime, Akita, and Chiba. The premium sake used in Kinmon's “Shizuku Silver" is aged and is roughly 10 years old. Nigori sake is a prime ingredient of the mix used in Eikoh’s Kuramotono Nigori Umeshu.

2009 saw the creation of Koshigoi's first plum wine liqueur using local agricultural products. When they discovered that there were an increasing number of abandoned plum trees as a result of the local farmer population ageing, they made the decision to make a sake-based plum wine
from plum fruits.

Below is a product from their plum wine range.

Koshigoi Daiginjo Jikomi Plum Wine 500ml

Interested to learn more about Koshigoi's story ?

Check out the link below


Umeshu is a Japanese liqueur it's made by steeping ume plums in liquor and sugar. It has a sweet, sour taste.


Yahei Tsuji established the Gozenshu Brewery (Tsuji Honten Co., Ltd.) in 1804 in Katsuyama, Okayama, making it over 200 years old.

Gozenshu's umeshu is made using the unique bodaimoto sake made from the ancient sake brewing technique from buddhist monks, giving it a slightly sour finish which averts the cloying sweet flavour of other makes.
Limited stock

Gozenshu Yumemakura Junmai umeshu 500ml

Check out the link below to read more about Gozenshu's story.

Eikoh sake (Wakigafuchi) is made from water from Takanawa Mountain, which has the perfect elements for sake brewing. As the primary component for fermentation, we use Matsuyamamii rice from
the Ehime region.

Below is a product from their umeshu range.

Eikoh Kuramotono Nigori Umeshu 720ml

What makes good sake ?
It's the aging process of the sake.

In 1973 Kinmon Akita SAKE Brewery Co., Ltd. was established. It was formed by a brewery company in the prefecture and investment from a wholesaler. Kinmon's sake brewery dates back to 1936 when the original brewery company, Akita Fuji Sake Brewery, was inaugurated.

Kinmon Shizuku Silver Aged Umeshu Plum Wine ( 10 year old) 720ml


Our favourite yuzushu. Fresh Yuzu fruit mashed with an almost undetectable hint of mint, this beverage is best in a large glass with lots of ice and soda water on a hot day. A refreshing alternative to a lemon lime and bitter. If you put just a few centimeters in the glass it's hardly alcoholic at all and not as sweet as a lemon lime and bitter. But not as tart as other yuzushu we have tried.


Yoikigen Yuzu Mint liqueur 500ml

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