SuperSake x Senkin: Have you tried Senkin sake yet ?

Senkin is one of our most highly recommended sake brands that we stock. It's extremely sought after and we suggest you get in quickly!. Senkin means 'crane serving god' and was established in 1806. Their product is rice sourced, grown and brewed with water from local surrounds, they are totally committed to a 'domaine' style of production and is 100% natural. They are a multi award winning producer and have been for some time now.

We have an amazing range of Senkin products, see them below:

Senkin Kamenoo Junmai Daiginjo 720ml
Senkin Ume Jiru 720ml
Senkin Classic Muku 720ml
Senkin Urara 720ml
Senkin Issei 720ml
Senkin Hatsubune Jikagumi Nakadori nama 720ml (Perth pickup or Express post only)
Senkin Yukidaruma (Snowman Nigori) 720ml - Perth pickup only





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