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In 1933, the Kodama Brewery released Japan's first chilled sake, TAIHEIZAN-REIRO (), which quickly became a major hit and helped "Taiheizan" sake gain widespread fame. Out of 5169 competitors the year after, in 1934, TAIHEIZAN took first place at the 14th Annual National Sake Competition. The company was able to expand its market to Tokyo and other regions of Japan thanks to the prise and the popularity of this chilled sake, turning TAIHEIZAN into a household name.

Taiheizan Kimoto Junmai 720ml


"Tentaka," an organic nihonshu, is produced solely from rice and rice koji. Every grain of rice used to produce the [Organic] sake is "organic rice," which is farmed in accordance with Japanese agricultural standards (JAS). As a brewery that coexists with the community, they not only take rice cultivation seriously to produce high quality, tasty sake, but they also collaborate with partner farmers to grow rice with the least possible
impact on the environment.

Tentaka Organic Junmai Ginjo 720ml

All rice used for this sake is “organic rice” and grown based on Japanese Agricultural Standards (JAS). Not only does Tentaka take rice farming seriously to provide high quality tasty sake, but also they as a brewery coexisting with the community, work with partner farmers to grow rice with the least influence on the natural environment. Rice Polishing Rate: 50%

Eikoh Shochu
Serve on the rocks with cold water or serve with hot water. We also recommend that you try it with half a teaspoon of matcha green tea powder and cold or hot water. This is a popular method of drinking in Japan.
Eikoh Junmai Shochu 'Kinra' 720ml


While winter is still with us this dry sake from snowy Hida prefecture will drink nicely warmed. Being a ginjo grade it more polished than usual 
for a smooth finish.

Very Limited
Hourai Dentou Karakuchi Ginjo 1.8L

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